Starbucks Introduces Ready-To-Drink Vegan Frappuccinos In Mocha And Vanilla Flavours Available At Target

Starbucks is growing its vegan options, and most recently they launched vegan Frappucinos which is ready to drink almond milk. The coffee chain first mooted the idea of dairy-free beverage back in October 2017 when they announced that they would introduce ready-to-drink beverages in2018. According to a Starbucks representative, it could not pass as a vegan option because of other ingredients and production on shared equipment.

Frappuccinos available in Target

It seems the decision to introduce the bottled Frappuccinos was arrived at following discussions with animal rights group PETA. In a tweet, PETA indicated, “BIG NEWS. Following talks with PETA, Starbucks now sells vegan bottled Frappuccinos.”

The drinks are available in vanilla and mocha flavors at retailers across the country such as Target. The company introduced almond milk in 2016 as a non-dairy option and since the company has been working to offer more to its customers with the latest being the Frappuccinos. Although the drinks are dairy-free, they have not compromised on nutrients with a description on Target’s website indicating that the Starbucks drinks have your daily requirement of 35% calcium.

The growing preference for plant-based milk

The is a growing preference of the plant-based milk instead of dairy, and the trend is not only growing among vegans, but also other people want a taste of the almond milk. For instance, in the United States, over 48% of dairy drinking population shave switched to using vegan milk in recent times. In the United Kingdom, the trend is the same with over 30% of young people having been said to have cut or reduced on their consumption of dairy milk, and they prefer plant-based milk.

Nielsen data indicates that in America almond milk is considered to be a firm favorite for vegans as well as the rest of the population. In 2016, for instance, it was reported that almond milk had boosted sales of milk by over 250% compared to the previous five years.

Starbucks offering vegan options in its different locations

Starbucks has been considering a more vegan option for their customers, and they have been leaning towards vegan beverages and foods.  In the UK, for instance, the coffee chain introduced mac ‘n’ cheese which is dairy-free as also as an all-day vegan breakfast burrito that features scrambled tofu that is egg-like. They also offer roasted vegan vegetable salads dressed in chipotle, chia bread as well as beetroot vegan wraps.

In the United States, the company is offering a range of vegan options to their customers, and they are selling protein cold brews, non-dairy oatmeal pots as well as vegan cupcakes. For Philippines customers, they get treated with a sinless chocolate cake that is made from avocado, jelly sandwich, and double-decker peanut butter.

The coffee chain introduced a range of vegan option in Portugal that includes a vegan chocolate cake that has a raspberry filling with dried fruit decorations.  Dairy free chipotle, sweet cranberries, ciabatta sandwiches as well as fresh vegetables are equally on offer in Starbucks locations in Portugal.