Tofu Company Sagamiya Food Launches ‘Miracle Protein’ Vegan Cheeses

Sagamiya food, a leader in the vegan industry, has developed their “miracle protein” vegan cheese. The sixty-year-old Japanese company devised a method of producing fermented vegan cheese. The miracle tofu “beyond tofu” is made out of fermentation technology which has been added to tofu and producing a cheese-like texture.

‘Real’ Cheese Taking Various Forms

Traditionally ‘real’ cheese is a dairy product which means it’s being derived from milk. However, the demand for vegan foods by the ever rising population has meant that the companies adjust and give in to the needs of the consumers.

Cheese production had to follow suit with companies producing vegan cheese that is entirely free of animal and milk-based enzymes. These vegan cheeses had the best taste that satisfied even the most devoted lovers of dairy cheese.

However, as if that’s not enough, now Sagamiya Food Company took the vegan production to another level. They have come up with beyond tofu ‘miracle protein’ which has an authentic, cheesy flavor as well as can be grated or melted.

This newly produced vegan cheese has no relation to the famous California-based vegan protein brand known as beyond meat. This innovative vegan cheese is made from fermented low-fat soy milk hence giving it a similar flavor and the texture of the traditional cheeses. The beyond tofu cheese has a great creamy, melt-able, cheesy, grate-able texture.

According to Sagamiya, vegan cheese is a texture and not only texture but one not considered tofu with low-fat soy milk and fermented to create a 100% botanical ‘miracle protein.’

Why Fermented Vegan Cheese?

Most vegan cheese brands are not fermented and the ‘miracle protein’ is somehow unique in that case. The process of fermentation allows dairy-free cheese to develop more authentic flavor. The used oil for its production is purely (100%) vegetable oil and realizes a different dimension, unlike the conventional tofu.

Going into detail, the raw materials that it includes are such as vegetable oil, soy milk fermented food, powdered candy and many more. Also, there are no animal or milk fat ingredients. Besides, there’s energy production of 335 kcal per 100 g.