Qdoba To Begin Offering Impossible Bowls And Tacos In Its 730 Locations Nationwide

Mexican food Chain, Qdoba, has announced that the trial of Impossible Meat in the select Michigan locations was successful and there are plans to expand the offering to the rest of its 730 locations across the country by end of May. Impossible Foods indicated that the locations were chosen for trials because the southeast region of the state had the strongest sales of Impossible Meat in the country outside California and New York.

The growing offering of plant-based meat in food chains

It has been a busy month for Impossible Foods as well as for its competitor in the vegan industry.  Two weeks ago the maker of Impossible Burger and other plant-based meat alternatives announced a partnership with Burger King for the offering of vegan Whoppers. Preliminary reviews indicate that the sales looked good.

Burger King is among the growing number of food chains that are offering Impossible Meat products. White Castle already sells Impossible Food sliders and Carls’ Jr offers Beyond Meat’s burgers. Just last week Del Taco indicated that they will also start offering Beyond Meat.  

It now seems that Qdoba is joining the long list of these food chains in offering plant-based meat alternatives. Qdoba is featuring two entrees which are the Impossible Taco and the Impossible Bowl. Alternatively, customers can order a substitute in place of beef.   

Featured vegan alternatives at Qdoba

According to Detroit Free Press, the plant-based meat offered by Qdoba is seasoned with garlic, tomatoes, paprika, chopped red onions, and smoked chilies. The Impossible taco features salsa verde, cilantro, and red onions while the Impossible Bowl features guacamole, pico de gallo and cilantro-lime rice topped with cheese. Similar to other Mexican Food restaurant chains, a vegan meal at Qdoba is easy to order. The burritos, tacos, and the bowl are all made from flour tortillas or corn, brown rice or cilantro rice, pinto or black beans, grilled vegetables, fajita veggies, guac and potatoes with all salsa being vegan.

Plant-based meat is not for vegans only

Although vegan and vegetarian lifestyle is something that is growing in popularity it is still a big deal to convince people to change. Our food system is currently not sustainable with the love for meat contributing greatly to climate change. There are issues to do with animal cruelty and having to deal with antibiotics and hormones i9n meat. Currently, there is as many vegetarians and vegans as there was two decades ago.

Plant-based foods such as almond and soy milk, veggie burgers and fake chicken can fill in as alternatives.  The alternatives are meat like and are getting tastier with innovation with most being made from heme which gives them the meaty texture.

According to Ethan Brown the Beyond Meat founder, most of the consumers of beyond meat also consume animal meat which is a good sign for the industry because besides the products meant for vegans they are also going mainstream. Although the plant-based meat alternatives might take time to replicate the animal meat taste it is still a milestone with what has been achieved currently. Plant-based meat is cutting a niche with ground beef and burgers and more consumers are getting on board each day.