Beyond Meat Cofounder’s Perennial Launches A Vegan Drink For Older People

The perennial vegan brand has launched a non-dairy beverage on its e-commerce platform. Perennial was founded by Sarah Bonham and Beyond Meat co-founder Brent Taylor to deliver animal free products to senior consumers.

New beverage for seniors

The Perennial beverage is meant for older people aged 50 years and above, and it helps to maintain healthy digestion, brain health, and bone health. The vegan drink is made from a blend of plant proteins such as almonds, rice, peas as well as non-GMO soy. It is sweetened a little with beet sugar and flavored with natural flavors to produce the vanilla taste.

Eight ounces of the drink have a similar protein content as a glass of dairy milk with 140 calories making it appropriate as an early morning drink or an after exercise drink. The drink is gluten-free and free of artificial sweeteners, and colors. It contains 11 essential minerals and vitamins 32g of Omega-3 and 3g of prebiotic fiber to help in calcium absorption.

Producing a vegan drink for a forgotten demographic

In 2016 Taylor left Beyond Meat to work with Sarah to develop the drink. Although the aging population represents the fastest growing consumer segment and most of the seniors consider healthy foods and drinks as a priority, it’s unfortunate that only a partly 1% of total innovation targets this demographic. According to Taylor, 8% of the global population is currently over 65 years, and by 2030 the number will increase to around 13%.

The founders had seen interest from their parents on healthy plant-based foods and beverages. Bonham says that they also wanted to create a better world to age into. While speaking to BevNet Taylor stated that the current over 50 years demographic is aging better compared to previous generations getting better with age.  He said that the challenge is in grocery stores that do not offer foods and drinks championing seniors. He added that Perennial is a brand that has their back.

Funding to expand production

Perennial has secured funding from investors such as Collaborative Fund of close to $2.5 million to produce its products to fill the growing market gap in the plant-based sector. Lauren Loktev, a board member of Perennial and Collaborative Fund partner, stated that this was a great opportunity to create a dairy-like product that is good and better than dairy products. Lauren also added that it will be an opportunity to produce a superior and healthy product from plants. She said that they loved Perennial because the next wave of vegan products will need companies to focus in having nutrition and favorable health profiles that can meet needs of demographics that are hard to fulfill such as the older generation.

Perennial is cutting a niche for itself in the booming vegan market by focusing on the production of food and beverages with additional benefits. The founders are passionate about driving innovations. Bonham said that they are creating a better world where people age into and can harness the infinite possibilities of plant products through R&D.