Panda Express Respond To Vegan Outreach’s Petition And Adds Vegetarian And Vegan Dishes On Their Menu Across Its 2000 Locations

Panda Express is following the footsteps of most chain restaurants, and in recent months, they have finally made their menu inclusive.

Panda Express goes vegan

Panda express is adding the vegan options to its menu, and the plant alternatives include Chow Mein, Super Greens Mixed Veggies, Eggplant Tofu as well as Vegetable Spring Rolls. The food chain took the steps in response to a petition from over 230,000 people to bring vegan alternatives and also the inspiration was drawn from discussions with PETA. Panda Express has officially added the vegan and vegetarian options to their menu across its 2,000 locations in the U.S.

The animal rights group, Vegan Outreach which led the petition indicated that Panda Express did not have Vegan alternatives on its menu and asked them to make their Chow Mein and Eggplant Tofu completely vegan as well as add other vegan meat options. It seems that Panda Express has heeded the call and now vegans and Vegetarians can enjoy animal-free dishes at the food chain. Although the change may seem to be quite small, it nonetheless will have a significant impact.

Other restaurants could follow suit

Vegan outreach indicated that the move would make Panda Express less responsive to the suffering of animals through the use of plant-based proteins and it will as well be sending a message to other food giants to embrace the idea.

Danielle Katz, the Director of PETA, indicated that the addition of vegan alternatives to Panda Express’ menu is a humane and earth-friendly move. There is a growing demand for vegan alternatives and PETA is optimistic that more restaurant chains will follow Panda Express to embrace vegan dining.

Panda Express is not the first chain restaurant to offer vegan and vegetarian options in their menu because other chains have already embraced the idea. For instance early this year Fast food restaurant Carl’s Jr. in partnership with Beyond Meat launched faux meat patty that is offering in its over 1000 locations. Similarly in January this year, TGI Fridays unveiled its vegan Beyond Burger across 465 locations in the U.S.

Vegan eating could save the planet

PETA indicates that the population in the U.S and across the world is turning into the consumption of vegan diet thus reducing overconsumption of meat. Consumption of vegan options is healthy to the body as well as the environment.  For every person going vegan ETA indicates they can save up to 200 animals annually thus reducing the pain and suffering of animals.

According to the United Nations adoption of vegan diets is a vital step towards averting the effects of global warming and climate change. Considering vegan and vegetarian lifestyle is probably one of the best ways of reducing our impact on the earth through not just the greenhouse gases but also eutrophication, acidification as well as land and water use. Taking care of the environment is just more than just having an electric car or emission of gases.

Although the Panda Express menu will be animal free, Vegan Outreach nonetheless recommends that customers should confirm if the food is vegan before ordering.