Los Angeles City Council Passes Law To Ban Fur Sale In The City From Next Year

On Tuesday the Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance to ban the manufacture and sale of fur products within the precincts of the city. The ordinance got approved on a 13-1 margin making Los Angeles the largest United States city to ban all fur accessories including handbags, clothing and jewelry.

Ban to be effective from 1 January 2020

Los Angeles follows other cities such as West Hollywood which was the first to implement the ban on fur back in 2013. Since then other cities in Carolina have followed suit with San Francisco instituting the ban in March last year.

However, a second vote is necessary since the passing of the ordinance did not get voted unanimously. Equally city Mayor Eric Garcetti will have to assent to it before it becomes law. The ban could go into effect from 1 January 2020 once the mayor signs the order.

In a statement council member Bob Blumenfield indicated that the cruel and inhumane practice of fur products needs to stop and the city of Los Angeles has made it clear that fur has no future in the city. He added that the city had made a giant step towards ending of animal killings but that should not just stop at that and more efforts should be made to complete the vile fur market.

Fur ban will affect business

Greg Smith the council member who dissented said that was against the ban because it was “un-American “as it will have implications on business owners. He added that he was concerned about business owners who have run legitimate businesses over time and have been paying taxes being asked to stop doing business. He said it was not American to do that and the government should not act in such a manner.

Although the ban will have an economic impact, it is yet unclear to what extent it will affect fashion business because there is no track of fur business.  In 2014 global retail sales of fur stood at approximately $35.8 billion. Fur merchants have questioned the decision to ban fur as it is likely to have economic implications on their livelihood and they have requested for consideration.

The ban has provided for some exemptions

There are however some exemption s in the ordinance which includes all furs from an animal trapped by Game license holders, transfer of fur as a gift between private parties as well as the fur from a deceased animal for stuffing or preservation. Equally, there is no ban on the manufacture of fur products that can be produced using recycled fur and fur or fur products on transit across the city. Used fur products purchase or donated, donated sold or owned by someone not in the fur-selling business such as NGOs pawn shops, and second-hand shops will also be exempt from the ban.

Although the ban will take effect from2020 leading fashion designers such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors already have stopped using fur in their cloth lines