IKEA is introducing vegan hot dogs at its locations in the US and European market starting this month as part of the ongoing trend where the vegan community is getting a lot of attention.

The store initially launched the meat-free hotdog at a few of its European stores in August and is now planning to make it available in more locations in Europe as well as its locations in the U.S. The vegan hot dog is made using carrots, red lentils, ginger, and blended kale. IKEA claims that the vegan hot dogs are responsible for seven times fewer emissions compared to the meat-based burger.

“We are facing many challenges in the food production industry today and one of those challenges is that we need to be more sustainable,” stated IKEA Food Services AB managing director, Michael La Cour.

The Swedish firm initially revealed the plans to introduce vegan hot dogs in February this year in a mission aimed at providing environmentally friendly alternatives for customers. It kicked off the plan by launching the veggie hot dogs at Malmö in Sweden where the company creates and tests its food varieties. The pilot run proved highly effective after the hot dog received an overwhelmingly positive response from customers.

IKEA has introduced the vegan hot dog 13 years after it introduced the regular meaty hot dog. Peter Ho, the head of sales at IKEA’s food division in the U.S stated that the new vegan option has attracted many customers at the Malmo outlet, especially the vegan community. The vegan hot dog is the first of many plant-based food items that IKEA plans to add to its menu as part of its shift towards environmentally friendly foods.

IKEA joins the vegan movement

IKEA is one of the many companies that are now offering vegan options, especially companies that are traditionally involved in the fast food industry where meaty food products are the norm. These companies have realized that they can no longer ignore the rapidly growing vegan community because people are now more than ever, making the conscious decision to live healthier lifestyles. More companies are therefore expected to join the trend.

Ikea already offers a vegan alternative to its popular Swedish meatballs, dairy-free ice cream and plant-based caviar at its outlets in the UK. The vegan hot dog is just the latest addition to the lineup and the company plans to expand the vegan menu by adding more vegan treats to its menu in the future.