Australia’s Ice Cream Brand Gelavo Makes a Vegan Soft-Serve from Imperfect Avocados

An avocado ice cream brand, Gelavo which is creating a soft-serve ice cream dairy-free from imperfect avocados is underway in Australia. The residents around Perth will get the first opportunity to experience the new ice cream in town.

Waste Avocados Not a Waste Any More

There has been a soar in popularity on avocados in the recent past as consumers such as Millennials using it on toast, pasta, and even pizzas. The rising demand for avocados also means there will be a lot of waste-only the best-looking ones are chosen.

However, the so-called “ugly” avocados are not going to waste any further. Now we’ve got ice cream out of that-imagine. Perth-based Gelavo brand is putting the imperfect avocados into use by just giving them a new look (or simply turning them to ice cream).

In case you had no idea, Gelavo was created by two food technologists Anthea Rodoreda and Andrew Tilley. They first developed this dairy-free ice cream idea when still studying at Curtin University. The ice cream is available in coffee, chocolate, as well as original flavors and a single scoop of it is comprised of 22-25% avocado, sugar, water, lime juice, and canola oil.

Also, Gelavo is developing a Jaffa flavor that comprises wasted oranges into the avocado base. There has been an increased waste of avocados as the blemishes as well as odd shapes, and sizes deem them less aesthetic than others. Now the company plans to reduce a tone of avocado waste through its ice cream.

According to Rodoreda, the aim is to reduce the avocado waste and at the same time provide a well-deserved value vegan product to a dairy-free segment as well as those having allergies or intolerances. Furthermore, there are plans of creating fruit sorbets by using other local produce like bananas, strawberries, and apples which may be deemed a waste.

Vegan Ice Cream Market Growing in Australia

The world is slowly changing, and a vast population of consumers is turning into animal-free products. The reasons are apparent, health, environmental as well as reasons related to animal welfare. Therefore, there is a growing number in vegan ice cream around the globe and Australia is not an exception to this new trend.

Old and new brands are launching dairy-free products in multitudes, and the next decade, it’s expected that the vegan ice cream market in the globe will hit $2.45 billion. Some companies such as Pana Chocolate launched a plant-based ice cream while Halo Top launched dairy-free pints across Australia.

The idea by the two food technologists may have taken long enough materialize, but it’s understood there was a tight supply initially, and hence not many wastes were available. Now that there’s enough of them, it’s evident that for sure residents of Perth-Australia will have the taste of ice cream from the ugly avocados.

Although Gelavo’s target is the premium farmer market stores, there’s interest from Perth cafes and restaurants. There will be no more wasted avocados but instead more of ice creams.