Del Taco is diversifying its offerings so that it can attract a broader range of customers and the latest efforts include bringing on board new vegan options that customers can enjoy at its Los Angeles outlets.

Restaurants are paying more attention to what their customers want and as a result, many of them, including Del Taco are focusing on the vegan community now more than ever. The U.S restaurant chain plans to introduce numerous vegan options at its locations in Los Angeles. The new Vegan dishes are made using Beyond Meat protein.

This is a significant announcement for Del Taco especially considering that vegan crumbles will be available at a drive-through restaurant in the U.S. The partnership between Beyond Meat and Del Taco, therefore, marks a noteworthy milestone.

Adding new items to the menu

Del Taco will initially start selling Beyond Meat Beyond Beef Crumbles at Culver City and Santa Monica although it plans to avail the new options at its other outlets across the U.S. The current vegan dishes offered at the U.S restaurant chain outlets are prepared using a ground-beef substitute that is entirely meat-free. However, Del Taco is adding Beyond Taco and Beyond Avocado to the menu.

Del Taco can provide the Beyond Taco and Beyond Vegan products as they are, which means that customers can order them without cheese as part of the restaurant’s plan to make sure they are entirely vegan-friendly. The two feature hardshell tacos and their toppings include tomato, avocado, and lettuce.

Striking key partnerships

Ethan Brown, the founder of Beyond Meat stated that his firm believes in making it possible for people to eat what they love while enjoying health benefits and also helping to protect animals. He also added that the partnership with Del Taco highlights their belief in making it those goals possible.

The partnership between Del Taco and Beyond Meat is just one of the numerous deals that Beyond Meat has struck with popular restaurant chains and grocers as part of its pursuit towards providing access to meat-free products internationally. Meanwhile, Del Taco expects the new vegan products to boost its appeal and help it attract more customers who prefer a meat-free diet. It also shows that the restaurant promotes a healthy lifestyle, thus providing good alternatives for the vegan community.