Del Taco To Start Offering Vegan Beyond Meat Tacos In Its 594 Locations From April

In the Q42018, Mexican chain restaurant Del Taco entered into a partnership with Beyond Meat to start offering its plant-based protein alternatives in its various locations in California. In December  2018, the chain conducted test trials on Beyond tacos using the alternative plant-based meat from Beyond Meat in over 16 locations across San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino.

Expanding partnership with Beyond Meat

Following successful test trials, the Mexican restaurant chain has indicated that it is planning to expand the Beyond Meat partnership and start offering Beyond Beef in its 594 locations across the U.S by the end of next month. As from the end of April customers will begin to enjoy “Avocado Beyond Taco” and the “Beyond Taco” and the possibility of using Beyond Beef as an alternative to other foods on the Del Taco menu in all the locations.

Besides the partnership with Del Taco, Beyond Meat has expanded its reach, and it has also joined forces with other Taco providers and restaurant chains across the country to offer next-generation plant-based proteins. The partnerships will give Beyond Meat the necessary exposure in the market as they grow their brand.

The success of test trials motivated the expansion of the partnership

John Cappasola, the CEO of DEL Taco made the announcement early this week about the expansion to its 594 locations during the investors meeting.  Cappasola stated that there is a growing demand for plant-based meat alternatives and vegan options which motivated the partnering with Beyond Meat to produce their seasoned plant-based beef.

Following the positive response from customers during the test trials across California and Los Angeles, it made sense to start offering Beyond Tacos.  He stated that this was an immense opportunity for them and there was no rival in their category that will be offering such a competitive price

It appears like the restaurant china has laid a platform for itself for the offering of vegan food on its menu. The partnership with Beyond Meat has helped spark the plan for plant-based food alternatives in their offering.  People will always love to test new dishes, and Del Taco is helping its customers get better alternatives that are healthier, tastier and more sustainable.

Vegan and vegetarian tacos at Del Tacos

Del Taco has indicated that they will offer two items in their menu featuring Beyond Meat’s Crumbles to produce the Beyond Avocado Taco as well as the Beyond Taco. Vegetarians can take Beyond Taco because it contains cheese. It is produced from meat crumbles with sliced avocado, lettuce and chopped tomatoes wrapped crunchy shell. Equally, vegans can enjoy the Avocado Taco which is made up of Beyond Meat crumbles, diced tomatoes, sliced avocado, and lettuces all which are wrapped in a crusty shell.

Alternatively, the Beyond Beef Crumbles can be substituted for meat or burritos. The restaurant chain has stated that the Beyond Meat Taco is cooked separately from animal-derived products, but the prep area is the same. You can get the tacos at Del Tacos from April at $2.49 across all its locations.