Costco To Sell Don Lee Farms Organic Vegan Burger In Over Its 8000 Retail Location Nationwide

Costco is now offering vegan beef burger that its customers could not get enough of in its over 8,000 retail locations.  

Vegan beef burger sold 1 million units on launch

The vegan beef burger that resembles anima based beef burger was launched sometime last year by Don Lee Farms, a California based food brand. The burger “bleeds” like meat burgers thanks to the beet juice as well as the use of organic vegetable fats that make it sizzle on the grill.  The company indicates that the vegan burger is entirely organic and it is a good source of protein.

When the vegan beef burger was first introduced at Costco the supermarket placed it in the beef section and it sold over one million times in a span of two months. As of April last year, Don Lee Farms indicated that the vegan beef burger was one of the fastest growing brands in the plant-based meat alternatives category.

Organic plant-based beef burger offering in 2000 Kroger locations

Don Lee Farms is planning to bring an organic vegan burger to over 2000 Kroger markets.  The Organic plant-based burger will be in shelves of leading supermarkets and groceries such as Fred Meyer, Kroger, Ralphs and Fry’s.

Donald Goodman the President of Don Lee Farms in a statement stated that their collaboration with Kroger had been the aim of the company as they seek to expand to be available to offer their product to customers in various locations. Goodman stated that the addition of Kroger to the list of chains selling the vegan meat burger will increase the company’s reach in over 2000 locations across the US.  The president said that with both the branded and private label they will now be available in nearly 8,000 retail outlets.

Don Lee Farms expanding globally to 15 countries

The company in January this year announced that it had plans of taking its vegan beef burger global and they were working to introduce it to various countries in the Caribbean, South America, and Europe. In a statement, Goodman said that they were thrilled to introduce vegan burgers globally for the first time.  He added that the company had made it its goal to reach more people to offer their organic vegan burger as well as other plant-based meat proteins.

According to Goodman although most companies that deal with plant-based meat product are conscious about sustainability they nonetheless still use banned artificial ingredients that are not allowed outside the US. He said that as Don Lee Farms they were delighted to offer a truly sustainable way of producing their vegan products.  Goodman said that their vegan burger is made from ingredients that cannot be found in nature.

The organic vegan burgers will be on shelves in Kroger as from May and currently, they are being offered at Costco Supermarkets, HEB, Publix, Wegmans, Stop & Shop and Stater Bros. Don Lee Farms has already sold millions of the burger since its launch on Amazon’s Treasure Truck, club stores, and markets.