Fast food chain Chipotle has indicated that it’s adding vegetarian and vegan alternatives to its menus as part of the company’s strategy of becoming a go-to chain for those people are dieting. On Monday the fast-casual chain indicated that they would be offering two new burrito bowls in their menu. The additions are part of the company’s lifestyle Bowls that they unveiled at the beginning of the year.

Two new vegan and vegetarian bowls

Vegans are getting treated to brown rice, sofritas, tomato, black beans, lettuce, and corn salsas. On the other hand, vegetarians can enjoy a bowl of brown rice, fajita veggies, corn salsas, pinto beans, sour cream, tomato as well as guacamole.

At the beginning of this year, Chipotle launched a line of “Lifestyle Bowls” that fit a range of dieting trends. The chain introduced Keto Salad Bowl, Paleo Salad Bowl, Double Protein Bowl, and Whole30 Salad Bowl. The bowls are available online and on their mobile app, and although the bowls get prepared in-house, the chain offers a selection of the options through the online platform only.  

Chipotle’s chief marketing officer, Chris Brandt, indicated that their customers have been making customized orders in their restaurants which prompted them to offer the bowls through the mobile app and online channels. The aim is to assist people in selecting the ingredients they want in their bowls that coincide with their wellness programs.

Customers unaware of sofritas

According to Brian Niccol, the CEO of Chipotle, the chain has offered vegan and vegetarian food for some years now. For instance, its sofritas vegan protein got unveiled back in 2014, but Chipotle has had challenges in creating awareness among consumers about available of the options in their menu. Niccol added that the chain’s number one selling meat was chicken, but when they asked people if they were aware of barbacoa, sofritas or carnitas none seemed to be informed what they were.

The latest launch comes at the back of the success that the chain has enjoyed since it launched the “lifestyle Bowls” back in January. Niccol stated that Chipotle would continue to bring innovative food to their customers and they are currently looking for other items that they can potentially repackage and reintroduce to their customer base.

Niccol indicated that there are numerous non-meat opportunities that the chain can take advantage of, but awareness among its clients is still low. He added that most customers are unaware of what sofritas and most do not even know that it is a vegan bowl with plant-based ingredients.

Chipotle introducing drive-thrus

Early last month the chain indicated that it was getting into the drive-through business although through a different approach. According to the CEO they want to open more free pick up points that they call “Chipotlanes.”

Chipotlanes works like regular drive-thrus, but the big difference is that customers can place orders through the mobile app or online platform. Once the customer pulls at the point having placed their order early, they can pick their order as they go without leaving the car.