Burger King Testing Plant Based Impossible Whopper In St Louis Before Rolling Out Across The U.S

Burger King has announced that plans to roll out Vegetarian Whoppers to ascertain if their whopper lovers can notice any difference in the Impossible Burger. The burger chain popular for beef patties indicated on they want to introduce vegan alternatives and the whoppers will be made from Impossible Foods’ plant-based burgers, and they plan to make them available at Burger King Outlets across St. Louis.

Impossible Whopper to offer an alternative to burger lovers

Chris Finazzo, the President of Burger King, stated that they would use the Impossible Burger to offer their customers options especially those who want to eat burgers every day but are watching their beef consumption. The president indicated that it was also a way of encouraging vegetarian and vegan eaters to dine at Burger King. Finazzo said that the idea of adding a plant-based alternative to their menu is something that has been under consideration for close to a year.

The market for plant-based burgers continues to grow as more people are considering eating plant-based proteins because of the health benefit. The Impossible Burger has fewer calories compared to beef burgers, and it has zero saturated fats, and its cholesterol levels are very low.

Impossible Burger opening opportunities for fast food chains

The Impossible Burger presents an expansion opportunity to the nascent industry with more people preferring to replace their meat consumption with plant-based protein alternatives. Impossible Foods has enjoyed great success for its vegan burger produced by Beyond Meat. Since its launch in January, the burger has grown in popularity, and it is offering in more than a thousand of Carl’s Jr outlets as the company considers an initial public offering. Since last year White Castle has been selling a slider version of the burger across its 380 locations.

After testing the Impossible Whopper in St Louis, Burger King will roll out the burger in its over 7200 locations across the country. This is expected to double the number of locations where the Impossible Burgers are offered from the current number.

Plant-based whopper not different from beef whopper in taste

Fernando Machado, the Chief Marketing Officer of Burger King, stated that so far in their testing their customers and employees have not been able to differentiate the flavor of the Beef Whopper and the plant-based alternative. Machado said that it is difficult to differentiate the whopper from the Meaty Whopper. He added that this would be a big business for the burger chain and although they have been offering veggie burger for years they never had intentions of replicating the meaty taste and flavor.

Besides Burger King that has stated that they will be offering vegan items on their menu other chains are equally embracing the wave of plant-based alternatives. In January Taco Bell indicated that they were testing vegetarian diet menus in their stores and recently Chipotle expanded their products to include the offering of vegetarian and vegan in their Lifestyle bowls.

The plant-based whopper is expected to cost consumers an extra dollar than the conventional beef whopper. Over 6,500 locations across the U.S serve Impossible products, but the addition of Burger King will be a game changer.