Beyond Meat Unveils Plant-Based Gluten Free Beyond Beef

Beyond Meat has launched its latest innovation of plant-based meat alternative Beyond Beef. The meat alternative is meant to have a meaty texture, taste and the versatility that ground beef offers customers.

Beyond Beef offers the versatility of ground beef

Beyond Beef contains no hormones, antibiotics, soy, gluten or any GMOs and it has 25% less saturated fat compared to conventional beef. The plant-based alternative is made from a blend of mung bean, peas with rice proteins to give it the meaty texture synonymous to what is found in tacos or empanadas. The beef is a complete source of protein and per serving it offers 20g of protein compared to regular beef. The Beyond Beef is versatile has been made to fit your kitchen needs through the unique binding systems that enable the product to shape seamlessly into various forms such as tacos, empanadas, sliders, and meatballs.  

Ethan Brown, the Beyond Meat CEO and Founder stated that the company has always thought of creating an innovative product that offers consumers all the versatility and benefits of ground beef while at the same time considering healthy eating, environmental sustainability as well as benefits of plant alternatives to the welfare of animals. He added that through their commitment the company had added the latest addition to their plant-based meats by considering the ingredient options that support universal use by the family which includes avoidance of gluten, soy, and GMOs.

Beyond Meat products available in 35,000 locations

The market for plant-based beef continues to grow, and the latest innovation by Beyond Meat shows the ambition of the company take on the $1.4 trillion beef market. The Los Angeles Company expanded its reach last year to over 35,000 grocery stores, restaurants, hotels universities, and stadiums. The company has also constructed a 26,000 square foot research and development facility for the diversification of its product portfolio.  According to the Beyond Meat CEO, their ambition is to teak up.

Beyond Meat wants to exploit the growing alternative meat industry and the company wants to emulate ground beef which is the largest beef segment. There are growing innovations in the industry because close to 70% of consumers reducing intake of meat especially processed and red meat.

Growing beef market

With the company cutting a niche for itself in the growing beef market since its debut in 2016, Beyond Burgers, the company has sold over 50 million burgers, and in 2018 it saw its sales increase by over 70%. In the fall of last year, the company filed for an IPO that will generate over 100 million for expansion of their portfolio and business.  In the filing, to the SEC the company indicated that their revenue for the first nine months of 2018 were around $56.4 million which was an increase of 167% from $21.1 million that was recorded in the nine months that ended in September 2017.

In a statement, the company has indicated that going forward they want to invest more in innovation, manufacturing, marketing edge as well as their supply chain capacity. The Franchise is optimistic that demand for its products will continue to grow in food service channels and retail stores.