Australia Passes Bill To End Cosmetic Testing On Animals Putting An End To Animal Cruelty

The Australian Senate has this week enacted the 2017 Industrial Chemicals Bill that bans animal testing of cosmetic products in the country. Under the new bill, companies should not use animal testing data when introducing cosmetics or any new chemical.

Legislators take a bold step to ban animal testing

The bill introduced by Humane Society International, an animal rights group, seeks to reduce dependency on animal testing while encouraging cosmetic and chemical development through non-animal testing methods. Majority of Australians agree with the move to do away with animal testing in cosmetic development.

Animal welfare groups such as Cruelty-Free International and HIS have welcomed the move. In a statement, Cruelty-Free international Director, Kerry Postlewhite, congratulated the government and parliamentarians from both political divides for enacting the bill that could see an end to animal cruelty. Kerry equally acknowledged the efforts of consumers and various organizations that have been at the forefront of #BeCrueltyFreeAustaralia campaign which led to the adoption of the bill. It is great news for Australia and animals as the bill will end the cruel, unnecessary and outdated practice of animal testing across the world.

Australia makes a significant milestone in stopping cruelty

Hannah Stuart, the HIS #BeCrueltyFree Australia campaign manager, indicated that the passing of the Chemical Bill is a significant milestone in Australia to move from the reliance of out-dated and cruel cosmetic animal testing. Hannah added t5hat the government’s commitments to restrict the use of animal testing data in cosmetics and reduction of reliance on animal test comes after almost three years of consultation and intensive campaign with HIS. HIS has been working with the government of Australia to ensure reinforcement measures are in place to regulate the cosmetic development sector such that all ingredients are covered under the ban on animal testing. The bill is a great win not only for animals but also for science and consumers in general.

Following the ratification of the Industrial Chemical Bill of 2017, the government of Australia going forward will not accept any form of animal testing to validate the efficiency and safety of cosmetic products or the ingredients. Nonetheless, the ban brings HIS and the government together to develop different testing methods that are non-animal based.

The growing ban on animal testing

Stuart indicated that the government has shown leadership on an important issue. He reiterated that HSI would continue working together with the government in the implementation of the obligations as they enforce the robust ban.

The Body Shop, Marketing, and Corporate Responsibility Director, Shannon Chrisp stated that they have been in a mission to stop cosmetic animal testing in the world.  The move by the Australian government is a significant milestone to achieve what The Body Shop has been advocating for in the past 30 years. Chrisp indicated that they would be happy if other governments across the globe followed suit.

The trend to ban testing on animal products is rapidly growing worldwide, and legislation are making it hard for companies to continue animal testing. For instance, the California Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Act will be effective from January 1, 2020, and it prohibits the sale of animal tested products.